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Internet Advertising

                Internet Advertising

A wide range of advertising opportunities on ČTK news websites. Banner as well as text advertising, sponsoring, mobile ads.

Web advertising products

A wide range of advertising opportunities on ČTK news servers. Banner as well as text advertising. České, Finanční and Sportovní – advertising space that is viewed by roughly 500,000 users monthly. Most visitors fall under the A, B, or C groups. The performance of campaigns is measured an independent administration system. Most standard advertising formats, from large-format banners (e.g. ahead) to hypertext links and PR articles available. Competitions and online interviews encourage advertising.

Mobile advertising products

The possibility of advertising on the CTK news servers optimized for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). A new type of advertising, a high efficiency, precise targeting of the user. Banner spaces and text links available. Immediate user reaction.

Available on mobile website and iPhone, iPad, and Android applications.


The possibility of sponsoring selected sections of the ČTK news servers. You can become partners of world championships supplements, competitions, exchange rates pages and many others. Supplements sponsorship is an ideal way of promoting a brand. It can be successfully combined with product targeting. It includes the branding of selected supplements or sections according to the character of the campaign or the client´s wish. Close cooperation with the client. Colour modification of supplements according to the client’s wish. The possibility of posting any advertising banners and texts, organizing competitions, etc.

PR Service

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